Wednesday, April 16, 2008

updated outline of our proposal - pls comment..

 Promote ourselves.
o Introduction of ourselves
o Why they should engage our services

 How we are gonna enhance Mission Australia
– Homelessness online profile.

1. Advertising

o On popular websites that youth frequent.
o At bus-stops outside schools.
o On newspapers.How?
o Photo competition.
o Market Day
o Reality show?!
o Blogging competition topic “homeless youth in australia”

o To create awareness.
o To get people to talk about the event.
o To get free publicity.

2. Improve on current site

Current site
o Boring look
o Wordy
o Not informative
o No visual stuff
o No interactivity

o Forum
o Clips

- Liwen

Hungry Hearts: Homeless Youths Video

Ah... I'm finally done with the clip with some help from Liwen. =^)

We'll be showing this at the end of our presentation, as a sort of 'prototype' before the actual filming of the video, so that the audience can get the basic idea.

Pip, Oscar, hope you guys are going well with the hard-copy proposal! =p

- Cheryl

Proposal DRAFT ONE by Pip

Project Proposal

‘Hungry Hearts’ Campaign

Friday April 18th, 2008.

by The Show Ponies… always one step ahead.

Contents Page

1.0 Executive Summary
2.0 Narrative
2.1 Project Description
2.1.1 Brief statement of the problem to be addressed
2.1.2 Goals and Objectives
2.1.3 Target Audience
2.1.4 Project Activities
2.1.5 The Show Pony Team
2.2 Plan for measuring project results
3.0 Project Budget
4.0 Organisation Background
4.1 Mission Statement
4.2 Vision Statement
4.3 Project Goal
5.0 Conclusion Page
6.0 Executive Summary

Date of application: April 18th, 2008.
Name of Organisation: Mission Australia
The Show Ponies will use Mission Australia’s funds to form a community based campaign that will enhance awareness for homeless youth within Queensland.

4.4.We are an organization with a clear vision and a passion for the future. Our goal is to be the best community-based not-for-profit community-based affordable housing developer and manager in the nation.We draw on existing resources; the neighborhoods where we have built and re-built lots and buildings; the creative potential of our residents; and turn them into assets to banish decay and despair, to build a vibrant, healthy community.

- Philippa

hungry hearts logo designs

hey hey heres my first batch.

i tried to keep it very simple and bold so it could be reproduced easily without loss and on any sized object. let me know what you think :)

- Oscar

Final Logo

I re-photoshopped the logo, and the two extra 'bumps' on the horse's mane are gone now, so it doesn't look like a 'B' anymore. =)

Oh and Liwen, I added one with a black background since your powerpoint slides template is black. Hope it's useful! ^^

- Cheryl

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mission Australia on Campus

- Cheryl & Liwen

Cheryl's Two Cents - The Pitch

Possible slogans for The Show Ponies:

-galloping towards a better future
-racing with you to a better future
-in the spotlight

Hungry Hearts slogans:

-help us help the homeless
-helping the homeless to help themselves
-end homelessness
-a little bit goes a long way
-back the right horse

Hungry Hearts Campaign in a Nutshell:

-main point of the project is to get donations/ awareness/ get youths off the street into homes

-as youths we find it appalling that so many young adults, people who SHOULD be in the know, are so ignorant about the situation of homeless youths in Australia

-not going to resort to silly gimmicks to get your attention. Undoubtedly, you’ve seen enough of that today. Gimmicks will only be distracting us from the real issue here, which is a sombre one.

-Whilst we are comfortable in our homes, youths out there are where they shouldn’t be. Living on the streets, homeless, hungry, and cold.

-We need to do our part to get them off those streets, and the only way we can do that is with money.

-But people won’t donate to an issue they don’t feel strongly enough about. So what we need to do is create awareness, so that people DO know what the problem is, how severe it is and what they can do to help. Make it easier for them to help and they will. From there, things can be set in motion.

-what kind of events can we propose to create awareness

-media release

-market day booth



-free gifts (heart-shaped lollipops, blankets, campaign wristbands)

-awareness ribbon (silk heart ribbon with a pin – got to buy silk ribbons)

-got to find out where and how much to print out samples of the advertising materials (flyer, poster, proposal, etc) and find out if there is a cost involved in setting up a booth on market day

Oh, and Liwen and I met this evening at the library and with Liwen's input as well, this is the outline I came up with for our presentation slides, based on what cropped up in our discussion and what we deemed was important:

• Our team – our roles
• Why we want to do this
• The BIG picture [our main proposal, i.e. the campaign, slogan and the events planned, and how we’re going to get the word out (the mediums we can use for the media release/media package) and spread awareness, video]
• Getting into the DETAILS
• Examples of some of the promotional material (clips, flyers, posters)
• Budget i.e., tent, freebies, advertising/marketing expense, utilities (setting up booth, do we need to pay?)
• Timeline
• Target audience
• Why we are the right company for this

Do tell us if we left out something. We can flesh it out and elaborate more during tomorrow's meeting. See y'all there! *hugs*

- Cheryl

a quick summary of my ideas


‘Back the Winner’
‘Backing the Winner’
‘Finish First’
‘Prize winning performance’

Project Title:


Project Synopsis:

A promotional package of visual, physical and audible components (flyers, wrist bands, video advertisement) that will operate on all the senses of the target audience, with the goal of raising not only the profile of the client organisation, but also the agenda of the client organisation.

Target Audience:

The young adult and adult community.

Creative Team:

Overall Design Style:
Black and white/Grey palette
High Contrast between light and shadow.
Sound/Music Sad and reflective.

Client Resource Requirements:

Under ……$

Interviews with afflicted youth.

Minimal – photographs, video footage.

Digital Camera, Laptop

- Oscar

Group Logos

Hallelujah. I'm done photoshopping the logos at last. I do swear I'm cross-eyed now...

ANYWAY. What do y'all think? Which one do you prefer? Is the 'SP' visible enough in both?

I wanted it to be subtle and not too blatant.

p.s. I can amend them if anyone wants something else added to the logo, etc. Not a problem there. ^^

- Cheryl

The Pitch - Pip's Thoughts...

Pip’s Ideas…

Appropriate Dress

- something sophisticated but still youthful
- corporate

The Tease

- The Show Ponies…
o Back the winner
o Always there with you
o Always in the lead

Project Title

- Hungry Hearts

Brief Synopsis of Project:

‘Hungry Hearts’ Mission Australia believes all young people should have the opportunity to successfully move through their adolescent years and into adulthood, well prepared for life ahead. At Mission Australia, we believe that every young person is vitally important both for today and for the future.

We recognise that the transition from adolescence to adulthood can be challenging and stressful for young people, their families and friends, and sometimes for the whole community.We work in partnership with young people to develop their strengths and their capacity to make positive life choices. We support them in reaching their goals as well as in developing solutions, skills and competencies to achieve success.

Our range of services includes prevention and early intervention, counselling and case management, education and skills development, mentoring, and residential programs. We also offer innovative programs to encourage young people to stay at school as well as take advantage of further education.

We empower our staff to act locally by tailoring innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of the young person and his or her family.

Target Audience:

The youth of Queensland.

- Philippa

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Hey guys, I sketched a draft storyboard for the video. Do take a look.

- Cheryl

Thursday, April 10, 2008

TUTORIAL ASSIGNMENT: Nuclear Waste Dump Sign

We decided to use the colour red predominantly as it has been scientifically noted to arouse the senses, and universally understood to convey connotations of 'blood', 'danger', and to be alert.

The skull and crossbones signify 'death'. And the wavy arrows symbolize 'radiation'. Together, they look malicious enough that a passerby should be warned and wary. The man running away from the area portrays the action the passerby should take.

p.s. We initially thought about adding an arrow to show the direction in which the man was running, but decided against it, as it could be misconstrued by some to mean 'hunting'.

- Cheryl