Monday, May 19, 2008

Draft annotation for the Harrison and Hirst reading

After much deliberation, the Show Ponies have taken the reading of this week’s task as both positive and negative.

We have decided to focus on the following three main aspects: the oracles of doom, the super highway and the future of the web (the golden age).

Oracles of doom – how some people view technology. Many believe that technology is good and reaps many benefits; however, some disagree and think that technology will lead us to destruction

Information super highway – the other side on the coin: people who view it as good. For example, how eventually we will no longer have access to just hundreds of channels, but thousands with the help of the web

The future of the web – the gold age of the internet. We have chosen to focus on this aspect of the reading as it demonstrates, in our opinion, that there is no real way to measure the webs content and time. It is a multi-faceted technological revolution that is so multi-dimensional, and soon enough will become impossible to keep track of.

The Harrison and Hirst reading recognises that there are the two sides to interpreting the web and its functions. The Show Ponies agree with this understanding of both the positive and negative sides, as within both sides there are different angles that sway our opinion. Because of this, we have come to the decision that we neither agree nor disagree with the reading.

- Philippa

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