Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Group Logos

Hallelujah. I'm done photoshopping the logos at last. I do swear I'm cross-eyed now...

ANYWAY. What do y'all think? Which one do you prefer? Is the 'SP' visible enough in both?

I wanted it to be subtle and not too blatant.

p.s. I can amend them if anyone wants something else added to the logo, etc. Not a problem there. ^^

- Cheryl


The Show Ponies said...

i like the gold one!!!

- Liwen

The Show Ponies said...

You have done a great job with the logo design. I like them both but think for this assignment we should keep it as professional as possible but still being fun and youthful.

- Philippa

The Show Ponies said...

cheryl did you want too do a hungry hearts logo? if not i could do a few mock designs to be voted on.

- Oscar

The Show Ponies said...

Oh, please go right ahead, Oscar. =)

Pip, what would you suggest I could do to improve on it?

- Cheryl