Wednesday, April 16, 2008

updated outline of our proposal - pls comment..

 Promote ourselves.
o Introduction of ourselves
o Why they should engage our services

 How we are gonna enhance Mission Australia
– Homelessness online profile.

1. Advertising

o On popular websites that youth frequent.
o At bus-stops outside schools.
o On newspapers.How?
o Photo competition.
o Market Day
o Reality show?!
o Blogging competition topic “homeless youth in australia”

o To create awareness.
o To get people to talk about the event.
o To get free publicity.

2. Improve on current site

Current site
o Boring look
o Wordy
o Not informative
o No visual stuff
o No interactivity

o Forum
o Clips

- Liwen


The Show Ponies said...

Thanks Liwen!

Oh... just realised you forgot to type out the main thing about the video clip storyboarding that we talked about during the meeting.. lol. We've got to do that asap. =/

- Cheryl

The Show Ponies said...

When we are introducing each member of the team, we should have one slide on each aspect of the company.

I have written my information as PR and Media Manager to add to the P.P.

My Slide:

Philippa Coore
The Show Ponies State PR and Media Manager

At The Show Ponies, I have a number of different roles that are all important to the smooth running of our clients accounts and development of the overall business or project.

Within The Show Ponies, my main focus as PR and Media Manager is to always be scanning client coverage in newspapers and magazines, reading relevant media, looking for new projects or campaigns and keeping a close eye on what competitor organisations are doing.

In order for me to have an understanding to key media, I am continuously evaluating cuttings and helping prepare the evaluation reports. In addition to this, I also proof news releases.

Within this project of the Hungry Hearts I have been putting in alot of time to research. As Mission Australia is a new business pitch, it is essential for me as the PR Manager to know everything about them in order for us to be creative and always be that one step ahead of the pack.

- Philippa