Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Pitch - Pip's Thoughts...

Pip’s Ideas…

Appropriate Dress

- something sophisticated but still youthful
- corporate

The Tease

- The Show Ponies…
o Back the winner
o Always there with you
o Always in the lead

Project Title

- Hungry Hearts

Brief Synopsis of Project:

‘Hungry Hearts’ Mission Australia believes all young people should have the opportunity to successfully move through their adolescent years and into adulthood, well prepared for life ahead. At Mission Australia, we believe that every young person is vitally important both for today and for the future.

We recognise that the transition from adolescence to adulthood can be challenging and stressful for young people, their families and friends, and sometimes for the whole community.We work in partnership with young people to develop their strengths and their capacity to make positive life choices. We support them in reaching their goals as well as in developing solutions, skills and competencies to achieve success.

Our range of services includes prevention and early intervention, counselling and case management, education and skills development, mentoring, and residential programs. We also offer innovative programs to encourage young people to stay at school as well as take advantage of further education.

We empower our staff to act locally by tailoring innovative solutions to meet the specific needs of the young person and his or her family.

Target Audience:

The youth of Queensland.

- Philippa

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